Arizona Institute for Bone & Joint Disorders, Comprehensive orthopedic care, Serving Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona
Arizona Institute for Bone & Joint Disorders, Comprehensive orthopedic care
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Arizona Institute for Bone & Joint Disorders

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hand & Upper Extremity FAQs

What may I expect when I come in for my first appointment with Doctor Hanlon?
After checking in with the receptionist, you will be given a health questionnaire to complete. Next, you will be shown to an examining room by his medical assistant, Adam, who will then take and record your vital signs. Following that, Doctor Hanlon's Registered Nurse will go over the questionnaire with you and perform a brief general physical examination. Doctor Hanlon will then introduce himself and evaluate for your specific upper extremity problem. X-ray films will be obtained if you did not have them already and have them.

If my problem requires surgery, where does Doctor Hanlon operate?
He usually operates at Phoenix St. Luke Hospital although he also works in the Biltmore Surgical Center and in Paradise Valley Hospital.

Will I have to stay overnight in the hospital?
Before the operation, Doctor Hanlon and his RN will educate you thoroughly and provide you with the prescription medications that will allow you to be comfortable at home. Therefore, he rarely needs his patients to spend the night in the hospital. Doctor Hanlon feels very strongly that his patients do much better and recover much more quickly in their own homes. Also, either he or his nurse will always be available to you by telephone after surgery if you need them.

What are the steps needed to schedule a surgery?
Once Doctor Hanlon has determined that an operation is required to take care of your problem and has discussed that thoroughly with you, Adam, his medical assistant, will take care of getting any authorization needed and making the necessary referrals for a medical or cardiology clearance for surgery, and then schedule the operation. You will then be notified by telephone of the date, time and location.

What insurance plans does Doctor Hanlon accept?
Please refer to our Insurance and Billing page.

What is Doctor Hanlon's policy regarding prescriptions?
Prescriptions for post operative pain and nausea management are provided to each patient at the time of his or her pre-operative appointment. Additional analgesic prescriptions will be provided on an "as needed" basis within reason. But, the patient must note, Doctor Hanlon is a surgeon and not a primary care physician nor a pain management specialist. Therefore, any need for pain prescriptions on a long tern basis will need to be addressed by either the patient's primary care physician or by a pain management specialist.

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